May 30, 2016

I’ve finally got round to moving my blog Born Sleepy over to Jekyll as well.

As part of this, I’ve been rationalising which posts live where. Originally both this and Born Sleepy were part of the same site, and when they forked, I retained all the old posts in both places for the sake of any old links.

Now though I’ve decided to retrospectively tidy things up a bit. I’ll attempt to add enough redirections that old article links still work, but the indexes for both sites should now reflect just the content that is relevant for them.


April 28, 2016

As you can probably see, this site has changed!

I’ve finally migrated it away from Drupal (I was still on 6!), and it’s now a static site built with Jekyll.

I’ve probably missed a few pages along the way, so please let me know if you spot a broken link or some missing content.


October 12, 2013

There’s a new beta of Neu out on the beta software page.

This one is 2.0, which sounds like an exciting change, but actually at this point it’s a small evolutionary step and not that different from 1.3b4. There are quite a few under-the-hood changes still in the works, but they aren’t quite ready for prime time, so haven’t made it yet.

However, what has changed is that support for 10.6 has been removed. It’s always a tricky decision to drop support for an old system, but as a small developer it is really quite necessary to keep the number of systems that you’re testing with to a manageable minimum. With 10.9 just around the corner, and 10.6 now pretty old, the time had come for a change. Rest assured that if you need to stick with 10.6, the old releases of Neu should continue to work, but moving forward, it’s 10.7+ only.

The one other thing that’s changed is that Finder menu support has been temporarily disabled if you are running 10.9 (Mavericks). It turns out that some changes in the Finder under 10.9 have broken Neu’s menu hack, and this can result in the Finder crashing continuously whilst Neu is running. We definitely don’t want that happening, so the best plan in the meantime seemed to be to simply disable it until I can get it all playing nicely once again. Watch this space on that front…


September 25, 2013

Ambientweet 1.2 is out!

Strictly speaking I’m treating Ambientweet as in “maintenance mode” now, as it’s not really being actively developed.

However, Twitter’s recent turning off of their old 1.0 API broke Ambientweet, and I wanted to at least get it working again, hence the release of 1.2.

By all means report any bugs that you find still lurking within this version, and I’ll endeavour to fix them…


As is often the way, a new beta follows swiftly on the heels of 1.1.2b7, which was crashing on startup! I’ll repeat the details of 1.1.2b7 here too, since they are essentially the same:

A few weeks back, Twitter made some changes to their service.

Unfortunately, these changes caught me on the hop slightly, and Ambientweet (which hasn’t been receiving a lot of love recently, I must admit) stopped working.

Happily, I have now released version 1.1.2b8, which fixes these problems, and resumes normal service.

It appears that there may also be a slight problem with the auto-update mechanism at the moment. I’m looking into this, but if for any reason you have trouble getting your existing copy of Ambientweet to update, I would suggest simply downloading it again from our beta software page.