December 08, 2010

I have a new version of Neu in testing, with a number of minor tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed old reference to Replicator in the Updating preferences panel.
  • Neu now handles the .neulicense file type. Double-clicking on a license file will automatically launch Neu and register the license.
  • Updated the in-application Help to reflect the current state of the website.
  • Template selection windows now fade in/out.
  • Neu now respects symbolic links in the path to the Templates folder, and for individual templates.
  • Changed the default Pages template to an iWork ‘08 version, and added a Numbers template (note that this will not affect you unless you throw away your existing templates folder, since these default templates are only used when Neu can’t find a templates folder).
  • Fixed a bug in the build process which was bloating the size of the application.

It isn’t available via the in-application update mechanism, because I don’t want to dump beta code onto people who’ve paid for the application, but if you’d like to give the beta a spin, you can find it here.

Please let me know if you discover any problems!


November 25, 2010

Neu 1.0 is now officially out of beta and released.

Neu is a simple application that makes it easier to create new documents in the Finder, without you having to open an application first. You can find out more here.

Although it’s a relatively small product, Neu represents a bit of a landmark for me as it’s the first piece of commercial software that I’ve released since giving up the “day job” and returning to life as an independent developer. As such it was a deliberately small project that was at least partially intended as a way for me to get up to speed with various technologies such as the Sparkle update framework and integration with the FastSpring online store. It’s also had to take a back seat for quite a while as I’ve been distracted with some other projects.

That said, Neu is a real tool that I wanted for my own use, and hopefully it will prove to be of some use to others.

So what’s next?

For Neu, I’ve had a couple of reports of minor cosmetic bugs, so I’ll work on a 1.0.1 release which should follow fairly quickly. After that, I’ve got a number of features that I’d like to fit into a 1.1 version, including support for more complicated templates, and possibly some smart detection of the “best” place to create new files when you aren’t working in the Finder. I’m also planning on trying to do a Mac Application Store edition of Neu - it’s possible that that will result in some changes to the application, which will also find their way back to the version I’m publishing myself.

Other than Neu, I’ve also got quite a few Mac and iOS applications in development, at various stages of completion! I’ll post some more news here as they get nearer to seeing the light of day. Currently I’m working on three things Twitter related (one on the Mac, two on iOS), but I’ve also got all sorts of other ideas. If there’s something that you want to see done though, feel free to send me your ideas too (although bear in mind that if you do, there’s every chance that I’ll run off with them and attempt to make money!).


Fairly hot on the heels of version 1.0b22 comes version 1.0b23.

Essentially the only change for this version is that I’ve enabled the “Buy Neu Online…” button, which now actually takes you to our online store - where you can indeed purchase a license for Neu, for the princely sum of $10 (which works out at about GBP6.50 if you’re in the UK).

Barring any reports of problems I expect to officially anoint this version as release “1.0” in the next few days.

If you feel inclined to buy a license in the meantime, that would be splendid, and the license file that you receive should work fine with the b23 version and later versions. It’s probably worth me pointing out that this is the first product that I’ve sold through my new FastSpring store, and whilst I’ve every confidence that it will work ok, please don’t panic if you do encounter any issues. Just get in touch with me and I’ll sort things out for you right away.


November 18, 2010

I’ve just released a new version of Neu - 1.0b22.

You can now run Neu with neither a menubar or a presence in the Dock, and the Dock menu for Neu now has a slightly different set up of items in it compared to the status menu.

Double-clicking on an item in the grid view now behaves as if “Create” was clicked.

I’ve added a Hot Key for “Create and Open” as well as “Create”.

There’s a new preferences panel to edit which filetypes get keyword expansion applied to them.

I’m still working on the infrastructure for purchasing the application, and there’s now a reminder window for unlicensed copies. Whilst it is still free, if you would like to help me test neu, please download it. If you’d like a free license, to help test the registration system and to get rid of the reminder window, send me some feedback and in return I’ll send you a license file which will continue to work once the application has been released.

In addition to this I’m also working on a Mac Application Store version of the application, which I hope will be available when the store opens.


October 11, 2010

As you may have noticed, I’ve been trimming down the content of this site now that I’ve split my personal pages off onto Born Sleepy.

For now at least I’m aiming for a very simple front page with just a list of products and a small news section on the right-hand side bar. Other areas of the site are still accessible from the navigation links at the top-right, but even these should now be minimal.

Let me know what you think of the new look. Is it too simple? Is there some vital information missing?