July 01, 2010

Right, hopefully I’ve finished with upgrading my server and this website is back in the proper place.

If you notice any broken links, please let me know…


If you’re noticing that some content on keeps appearing and disappearing mysteriously, it’s because I’m switching back and forth between the original version and the new Drupal 6 version which is running on an old (and slow) server.

Apologies if this confuses your rss news reader! Eventually I’ll finalise the update and switch over permanently to Drupal 6, at which point it will go onto my proper server and things will stop changing!


June 27, 2010

As an experiment, I’ve ported this site across to Drupal 6.

The new version of the site is running on a test server at the moment, so you might notice a bit of a drop in performance, and one or two old links may be missing since I’ve not bothered to copy the old static content over yet.

Hopefully though, the basic stuff will work. I’m also hoping that moving to Drupal 6 will allow me to re-enable comments, and to add various other bits of functionality.

If you notice anything that seems to have gone badly astray, give me a yell!


March 05, 2010

After three and half action-packed years of my second stint at Sports Interactive (which makes it about six and a half in total by my reckoning), I’ve decided that the time is right to take the plunge and go it alone.

So from June 2010 onwards, I will officially be an independent Mac and iPhone/iPad developer!

No doubt I’ll blog more about my plans as the time approaches, but for now I’ll simply say that I’m really excited about the prospect of returning full time to Mac/iPhone development, and working on my own applications.

I’ll also be up for a bit of collaboration and/or consulting from time to time, so by all means get in touch if that appeals.


Have a fantastic «fill in your festival of choice» everyone, and a Happy New Year if it is a new year for you!

And if you’re not celebrating, then enjoy the peace & quiet at work :)