Apple are due to release OS X Mountain Lion soon.

One of the features included in it is something called Gatekeeper, which is intended to improve security. By default, when you install Mountain Lion, you will only be able to run newly downloaded applications if they have been signed by the developer, using an official Apple developer identity (note that you can turn this behaviour off, but that’s the default setting).

What this means in practise for you, with regard to Neu and/or Ambientweet?

If you’re using copies of Neu or Ambientweet downloaded from the Apple store, there will be no change.

In any event, there will be no change if you continue to use copies that you’ve already downloaded (ie on another machine or with a previous version of the system).

If you download the current version of Ambientweet (1.1) or Neu (1.2) from our website, they are currently not signed in the correct way, so Gatekeeper will complain about them. There is a way that you can tell Gatekeeper to make an exception, but that’s not really an ideal solution in the long term, so we’re preparing a quick update to bring Ambientweet up to version 1.1.1, and Neu to 1.2.1.

The only change for these versions is that they will be signed correctly and Gatekeeper will recognise them as legitimate.

If you want to test beta versions of these applications, they should be available later today from the beta software page. Barring any reported problems, they’ll then go live in the next few days.

Since the only purpose of these updates is to prepare for Gatekeeper, and since Gatekeeper already accepts applications downloaded from the Apple store, these updates will not be submitted to the store. If you’re using versions from the store, you can safely continue with versions 1.1 or 1.2 of Ambientweet and Neu respectively.

Proper updates, with more features, will arrive in due course, bringing the store and non-store versions back into line again.


I’m happy to say that Ambientweet 1.1 has been approved for release and is now in the store.

The main changes in this version are:

  • Added ability to view the results of a search.
  • Fixed bug where a message containing links could get truncated.
  • Fixed clipping of author info when it spills onto three lines.
  • Fixed auto-completion window popping up again straight away after a completion.
  • Improved tweet caching so that mentions are always kept - this stops the badge being shown again for mentions that have already been seen.
  • Added a “psuedo tweet” which is a reminder that you’re running a pre-release or unlicensed version of Ambientweet (if you are). It is inserted into the tweet stream every now and then.
  • Improved application security.

You can find more details, and download links, on the Ambientweet home page.


April 27, 2012

I’ve just found and squished another little Ambientweet bug, which could occasionally cause problems when posting a tweet with a URL in it.

Consequently, there’s a new beta available - 1.1b5. Unfortunately a new beta also means resetting the clock on the Apple store review process, so we’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t take too long…


April 15, 2012

Hopefully this is the final beta of 1.1.

I’ve now turned on Apple’s sandboxing, in preparation for submitting it to the Mac App store.

Sandboxing makes it run in a slightly more secure environment, though hopefully users will not notice the difference.

Pick up a copy of the latest beta from the beta software page…


April 15, 2012

And hot on the heels of 1.1b2, here’s another beta.

This one shows a reminder “tweet” every now and then if you’re running a beta version, or a demo version (this is in preparation for finally charging something for the App Store version, at which point there really needs to be some difference between it and the demo!).

Grab the new version from the beta software page.