April 14, 2012

Another beta, with a couple of bug fixes.

  • The auto-completion when posting new tweets now behaves a bit more sensibly and doesn’t keep popping up when you’ve just done a completion.
  • The mentions badge should be a bit saner now, tweets that are mentions get cached properly so it should always know if incoming mentions are actually new or not

Grab the new version from the beta software page.


I’ve been rather busy recently with all sorts of contracting work, but I’m glad to announce that in between it all I’ve been slowly working away on additions to both Ambientweet and Neu.

First up for public preview is Ambientweet 1.1b1.

The main thing that’s new in this release is the ability to focus Ambientweet on a search term and have it cycle through tweets that contain it.

This opens up a pretty handy new use for Ambientweet - if there’s a term trending or a topic that you particularly want to follow, you can set Ambientweet up to display just those tweets (perhaps whilst you continue to view your own stream with another client).

Feel free to give the beta a try….


December 22, 2011

Whatever this time of year means to you, for us it means a few hard-earned days of rest, and probably far too much eating and drinking!

As a result, things will be quiet round here for the next week or two. If you happen to attempt to get in touch, please forgive us if we’re a bit slower than usual in responding.

If you’re on holiday too, we hope you have a good one! If not… well we hope you have a jolly nice time whilst it’s so quiet!

See you all in 2012 I hope.


December 16, 2011

I’m very pleased to announce that Neu 1.2 is now live on the Mac App store, as well as available for download from this site.

This version has quite an extensive list of changes and improvements, including reorganised preferences, some new substitutions, and a substantial overhaul of the main UI.

Check out the release notes for full details.


December 14, 2011

Ambientweet 1.0.2 is now available from the Mac Application store.

This is a minor revision, with a fix to a bug that caused it to stall and stop refreshing tweets after an hour or so.