December 03, 2011

A couple of new betas are available from the beta software page.

Neu 1.2b7 includes a couple of minor tweaks to the UI, and a revised manual. I know that there are a few typos to fix in the manual, but I’d definitely appreciate any other feedback on it, or the changes in Neu 1.2. I’m hoping to submit this version to the App store soon.

Ambientweet 1.0.2b1 fixes a stall that has been reportedly happening in Ambientweet - where it simply stops working after an hour or two. Again, all feedback greatly appreciated.


November 24, 2011

I’m pleased to announce that over this weekend, we’re running a 50% off offer on Neu. For this period it will be available for the bargain price of $5!

We’re also holding Ambientweet at it’s current price (free!) over this period - after which it will actually cost something!

Go get em whilst they’re hot…


November 22, 2011

Ambientweet 1.0.1 is out!

This version has a whole raft of improvements, including:

  • Reduced the frequency of refreshes, to avoid running over the Twitter call limit.
  • Post windows now use the same style as the main tweet window.
  • The length of posts is now calculated intelligently to account for link shortening. So if you paste in a long link, it won’t use up all of your character count, as the link will be shortened in the actual post.
  • Auto-completion list for @users in post window now includes all users that the app has encountered.
  • Now correctly restores cached tweets and users when loading.
  • Added subtle gradient to window backgrounds.
  • Fixed beta Sparkle feed URL (the app was looking at the non-beta feed instead).
  • Updated the manual with screenshots of new posting UI.
  • Fixed window resizing.
  • Improved sorting, refreshing with new items.
  • Changed user guide code to be sandbox-friendly (copies guide into the Caches folder and opens it from there).

There are lots more improvements and new features on the way in a future version, please give 1.0.1 a try!


November 14, 2011

Ambientweet 1.0.1 is on it’s way, and has been submitted to the Mac App store today for review.

It brings with it a slew of syncing/caching updates which should result in more reliable fetching of tweets (especially after it’s been running for a while), and a faster startup.

The posting interface has also been improved - it looks more like a normal tweet window now, and it correctly deals with long urls, allowing you to post tweets that appear to be longer than 140 character, but which will be under the limit after Twitter has shortened the links.


It’s hard to make good products if you’re working in a vacuum. That’s why one of the things that we like most is hearing from people who’ve used our software, even if the message is “it’s broken”!

So if you send us a good suggestion, or a report of a genuine bug that we didn’t know about, there’s a good chance that we’ll send you a free license in return.

No promises mind you - if you send fifteen reports, each about an individual spelling error in the manual, then you probably won’t get fifteen licenses back :)