XCode: Am I Missing Something?
April 09, 2005

I’ve recently been spending a bit of time working with Apple’s IDE XCode.

It’s a reasonably mature product now, but I have to say I am very surprised at how limited it is in some ways.

The class browser, for example, seems extremely basic - no folding editor, no support for adding new methods and classes, no factoring, and code completion which is not a patch on VisualAssist.

It also doesn’t seem very modular, so I don’t get the impression that there are lots of third party enhancements available to fill in the gaps.

I have spent the last few years berating Metrowerks for allowing their IDE to become so clunky and old. Now that I’ve seen the major competition, I’m beginning to understand why it might be that way!

XCode is not terrible, but it’s crude enough to make me wonder - am I missing something?

I’d also be very interested to hear whether it’s possible to use Eclipse to do Cocoa development on the mac…

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