Neu 1.0b17 Released
July 17, 2010

I’ve been beavering away on Neu, and the result is version 1.0b17, which you can download here.

There are three main changes for this version:

First, I’ve changed the “Create Document…” and “Create and Open Document…” menu items. They are now submenus which contain a “Choose Template…” command, but also contain a list of the actual templates. This allows you to choose a template directly without going through any additional dialogs.

Second, I’ve added these menus to the Neu menu in the Dock, and the small status menu that Neu can optionally show on the top right of the menu bar. This means that you can use these menus instead of the Finder’s Services menu. Since the Services menu is a bit clunky and can’t contain dynamically generated content, this is a Good Thing(tm).

Finally, I’ve added “Protect from accidental Quit” option which changes the Quit menu shortcut to Cmd-Shift-Q instead of Cmd-Q. This makes it harder to accidentally quit Neu, if you want to leave it running all the time.

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