Neu 1.0b22 Released
November 18, 2010

I’ve just released a new version of Neu - 1.0b22.

You can now run Neu with neither a menubar or a presence in the Dock, and the Dock menu for Neu now has a slightly different set up of items in it compared to the status menu.

Double-clicking on an item in the grid view now behaves as if “Create” was clicked.

I’ve added a Hot Key for “Create and Open” as well as “Create”.

There’s a new preferences panel to edit which filetypes get keyword expansion applied to them.

I’m still working on the infrastructure for purchasing the application, and there’s now a reminder window for unlicensed copies. Whilst it is still free, if you would like to help me test neu, please download it. If you’d like a free license, to help test the registration system and to get rid of the reminder window, send me some feedback and in return I’ll send you a license file which will continue to work once the application has been released.

In addition to this I’m also working on a Mac Application Store version of the application, which I hope will be available when the store opens.

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