Neu is now available on the Mac Application store
January 13, 2011

I’m pleased to announce that after a rather lengthy review, Neu is now available on the Mac Application store. Unfortunately, due to the time lag involved in the approval process, the current version there is 1.0.1, whereas the version available for download here is 1.0.2.

Apple does not provide a way for developers to allow existing users of an application to “cross-grade” over to the Apple store version. So if you have paid for Neu via the Elegant Chaos store, please continue to download new versions through the built-in update mechanism. If, for some reason, you want a Mac application store of Neu, you will need to purchase it again. However, there’s no need to do that - your existing version will stay up to date (in fact, at the moment, it’s more up to date!).

If you bought Neu via the Apple store, please do not download the newer version from this website. Applications bought in the Apple store should only be updated via the store. The 1.0.2 update of Neu will be in the store just as soon as I can get it through the submission process.

I realise that this situation is a bit confusing and I apologise, but I had no way of knowing if/when Neu would be approved for the Apple store, so it wasn’t possible (and wouldn’t have been fair) to hold back the update for customers who had already paid for it.

In future I will try to synchronise releases in both places, to avoid confusion.

One day I may also choose to only sell through one or the other store, but that decision will wait until the developer community as a whole gets a bit more experience of the Apple store and how it’s doing.

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