Updates coming
March 26, 2011

Things have been a little quiet around here lately, as we’ve been tied up with quite a bit of contracting work.

However, we’re happy to say that some updates to our own applications are also on the way. Both Neu 1.0.3 and Ambientweet 1.0 have now been submitted to Apple for release to the Mac App store.

Beta releases of both of these can also be found on our Beta Software page.

With Ambientweet, we needed to decide on a pricing policy as part of the submission.

Eventually Ambientweet will be sufficiently feature-rich to justify charging for it, but for now it is quite simple, so we’ve decided to make it the initial version free on the Mac App store! If you download it there when it becomes available, you should be able to get subsequent 1.x updates free as well.

When we change over to charging for it, we’ll probably create a new “Pro” version of the application which you have to buy. At that point we may well also introduce some sort of “Lite” version which contains advertising.

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