Coming Up Soon: Neu 1.2
October 25, 2011

I’ve been doing a fair amount of contracting recently, including this crazy project, so development of Elegant Chaos products has had to take a bit of a back seat.

Happily though, I’m now in the position to spend some time on it again, and now that Ambientweet has made it to 1.0, the next update on the agenda is Neu 1.2.

This update of Neu is going to be quite substantial, not least because Apple are about to change the rules on how an application in the App store is allowed to interact with the Finder and the file system. This is going to require me to change the user interface a bit. There is a slight danger that it’s going to get a bit more clumsy, and I may have to permanently enable some settings that have until now been optional, such as whether you get asked for the file name / location when making a new item.

I’m hoping to have a beta version ready for release in a few days, and I’m especially keen to get some feedback on this version.

If you’d like to test it, please either check the beta software page, or get in touch.

If you have purchased an App Store version of Neu (and have updated to version 1.1.1), you should now be able to download betas from this website and test them. Although they have come from this site and not the App store, they ought to recognise that you have had a paid version of Neu on your computer from the App store, and won’t annoy you with reminders.

As always, if you have any problems with this, or anything else to do with Neu, please get in touch and I’ll try to help. Likewise if you have any feedback or feature suggestions for version 1.2 or beyond.

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