Neu 1.2b3...
October 28, 2011

… and another one!

Neu 1.2b3 is available for the brave of heart!

This one has a rough implementation of the new UI for managing your templates.

Rather than a separate templates window, you can now right-click on a template in the main UI, and do various things to it directly (rename, delete, reveal, open), or you can choose “Edit Template…” to open an editing pane. This pain allows you to set some per-template preferences, including a keyboard shortcut.

Known Issues

In grid view, the context menu commands on templates currently operate on the selected template, which might not be the one that you clicked on! So be careful with the delete command!

Per-template keyboard shortcuts don’t work yet.

The “Rename Template…” command doesn’t work yet.

Due to a bug in sandboxing, when overwriting an existing document you will be asked “Do you want to replace?” but if you say OK the creation will fail. The workaround for now is simply to give the new document a different name. Neu will always default to a unique name for the file, so this shouldn’t affect many people.

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