Hot on the heels - Ambientweet 1.1.2b8 released
July 13, 2013

As is often the way, a new beta follows swiftly on the heels of 1.1.2b7, which was crashing on startup! I’ll repeat the details of 1.1.2b7 here too, since they are essentially the same:

A few weeks back, Twitter made some changes to their service.

Unfortunately, these changes caught me on the hop slightly, and Ambientweet (which hasn’t been receiving a lot of love recently, I must admit) stopped working.

Happily, I have now released version 1.1.2b8, which fixes these problems, and resumes normal service.

It appears that there may also be a slight problem with the auto-update mechanism at the moment. I’m looking into this, but if for any reason you have trouble getting your existing copy of Ambientweet to update, I would suggest simply downloading it again from our beta software page.

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