About Us

Elegant Chaos is a software development studio, founded in London in 1997 by Sam Deane. In 2011 we relocated to the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides.

We’ve worked on many platforms over the years, but specialise in the Apple ecosystem (Mac, iPhone, iPad,  TV,  Watch).

From mid-2012 through to the end of 2017 we spent most of our time working on Sketch. Some earlier clients and products that you might also recognise: Abbey Road Studios, Real World Studios, Channel Four, Football Manager, Feral Interactive, Sandvox.

From 2018 onwards, we’re back to being fully independent and working on our own projects. We don’t intend to take on major contracts currently, but if you need a bit of consulting, are wrestling with a particularly nasty crash and want some ninja-debugging, or have a startup proposal, by all means get in touch.