Neu Support

Please note: Neu is not currently in active development, and has not been updated for some time. As a result, it is now available for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

##How do I remove Neu?

You can find instructions for this here.

##Why can’t I click on the background to a window in the Finder to get the contextual menu?

That is the way that I’d like it to behave. Unfortunately the contextual menu access is provided by the Finder, and it seems not to work that way. It’s fairly illogical and I’ve filed a bug report with Apple, but until they change it I don’t think that there’s much I can do.

Having said that, I’m hoping to have a solution to this problem with a future version of Neu. It will involve modifying the way that the Finder works, so will have to be provided as some sort of add-on or plug-in, since Apple aren’t likely to approve it for inclusion in an application on the Mac App store.

##Do you support Path Finder / Default Folder / insert-other-application-here

Neu doesn’t explicitly support any other utilities, but it should co-exist happily with them.

If there’s a particular bit of integration that you’d like to suggest, and which would require adding code to Neu, by all means request it. If you can get the author of the relevant product to talk to me directly, that would be even better.

##Is there a user guide?

Yes! You can view it from within Neu itself, using the Help menu.