Neu 1.3b1... work in progress
March 12, 2013

Things have been quite quiet on the Neu front, but under the surface we have been doing a bit of paddling!

Available now on the beta software page is a new beta - 1.3b1 - which adds some new features.

Folder Expansion

The first of these is the ability to use folders properly as templates, and to have variables expanded in the contents of the folders (including in their filenames).


The second big change is applescript support. You can now use Neu via, applescript, doing this sort of thing:

tell application id "com.elegantchaos.neu"
    make new document
        with properties {template:template "MyClass", extension:"hpp", replacing:yes, revealing:false, opening:true} 
        at POSIX file "/Users/sam/Desktop/"
end tell

Currently there’s also an alternative syntax, which looks like this:

tell application id "com.elegantchaos.neu"
    make new document
        duplicate template (template "MyClass") at destination name "Blah" with revealing, opening and replacing
end tell

We’re interested in hearing if people have a preference.

Finder Menu

Finally, we’ve added experimental support for a proper menu in the Finder.

This is classed as “experimental” because Apple doesn’t officially support allowing apps to add Finder menus, so it involves installing a small hack to the Finder.

You can enable this support in the new “Finder” preferences pane. Note that you may have to log out and in again before the Neu menu appears. You will also need to have Neu running.

Feedback Required

To some extent all of these features are still experimental, and there may be bugs in them.

We’re really keen to hear what you think about the features, and about any problems you encounter.

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