Neu 1.3b3
March 12, 2013

Hot on the heels of 1.3b1 came 1.3b2, which fixed the support for OS 10.6 that had accidentally got broken!

And if that weren’t enough, hot on the heels of that came 1.3b3, which adds support for a new service command: “Add To Templates…”.

This command adds a copy of the selected files into Neu’s templates folder.

As always, you can find this version on the beta software page.

The software update mechanism within Neu will also grab this new version, if you have the “Update to beta versions when available” box checked. Unfortunately, if you auto-updated to 1.3b1 on OS X 10.6, you’ll have to download it, since 1.3b1 is totally broken on 10.6.

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