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On the topic of Hypercard, there seem to be a few other interesting authoring tool projects around. I’ve listed a few below: anyone got any more I should look at?

Squeak has some pretty big names behind it.

PythonCard seems a way away from prime time, but sounds like an interesting project, with a good motto: “Simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible.”

The Skate project aims to recreate SK8, which was sort of like Hypercard on steroids, written in MCL.


February 11, 2005

Phase 2 of the great Elegant Chaos relocation is about to get underway.

As a result, the web site may be down for the next week or so. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible…


January 04, 2005

… by Sam, aged 35 (and a bit).

I’ve written a Drupal filter module called [autolink], which works in a similar way to the glossary module except that it creates links to external sites.

The idea is that every time I enter a particular word or group of words (like Tom Smith for example), the filter module will automatically create a link for me.

This is obviously a bit of a blunt instrument (what if I want to refer to a different Tom Smith?), but it is a handy way of avoiding having to enter common links again and again.

I am thinking about ways of making it a slightly sharper instrument, but for now the basic thing works and will be published here soon!


November 26, 2004

I’ve switched things over that my new Drupal based site is live. For the time being you can find the old site at

There are still quite a few things that I haven’t moved across - some because I haven’t got round to it, others because they are no longer relevant.