Our Software

Action Status is a small utility for monitoring Github Actions. It also has the ability to generate GitHub Action workflow.yml files for your Swift projects.

Habit Daemon is an interesting take on habit tracking. It is a collaboration - Fiendish did the design, we did the code.

Strange Cases is a game… maybe. Not really announced yet :)

Bookish is the working title for a new book cataloguing product we’ve been developing - aimed primarily at individuals who have a lot of books, rather than library professionals. There have been a number of distractions along the way, and it is currently on hold, but we hope to return to it eventually.

There are all sorts of other things under development too, but not ready for prime-time. Check back here for updates.

If you are technically minded, you may be interested in following along with our blog.

If you’re looking for details of one of our previous products, try the retired software page.